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A Celebration of Cultural Diversity - Multi-ethnic Performing Arts Festival
September 1, 2018, 10am-2pm
Downtown Farmers Market, Pioneer Park
350 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Salt Lake American, formerly Salt Lake American Muslim, was established by its founder Ghulam Hasnain in 2003 as a multicultural organization to present multi-ethnic cultural performing arts in a free festival open to the public to promote goodwill and mutual understanding.

Reorganized and refocused

Through personal interaction with the members of Iraqi refugee community the founder realized that the primary challenges were for those refugees who did not know English and were unfamiliar with our way of life. So in 2006 the organization was re-organized and re-branded as a Salt Lake American to provide language interpretation and translation and guidance through the system in a program called Refugee Services of Survival and services were expanded to include other refugee communities besides the Iraqi such as the Somalis, Afghans, Iranians, and Burmese.

Our passion

We help refugees 24-7 to survive and prosper by overcoming language and acculturation barriers. This is our labor of love - a cause so compelling that individually we contribute our time and effort most of it as unpaid volunteers.

Coverage of all essential services

In 2015 our program expanded to provide English and acculturation training to refugees who are already in our program in a class called Survival English and Acculturation. This training is designed to make our refugee clients independent of our language and guidance intervention to make them self-reliant and independent of our services so that we can serve other new refugee arrivals.

We are nonprofit

Over eighty percent of our budget is used to provide direct services to our refugee clients.