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Helping refugees who do not know English nor their way around our system to survive and become full-fledged citizens!


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"We are pleased to assist you in providing critical services to so many refugee individuals and families we value the part Salt Lake American plays in assisting them in overcoming challenges and adapting to their new lives and homes here in Utah.”

Lisa Eccles, President & COO George S and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation

April 5th 2018



Our Services

Refugee Survival Services

Language Interpretation and Guidance Through the System 24-7

Refugee Survival English & Acculturation Class

Mentoring in Organizational Development for Refugee Community-based Organizations

Acculturation Orientation

Acculturation to new Americans to the American Way of Life offered to individuals and groups


Multiethnic Performing Arts Festival promoting goodwill and diversity

Our Passion

We help refugees 24-7 to survive and prosper by overcoming language and acculturation barriers.

This is our labor of love - a cause so compelling that individually we contribute our time and effort most of it as unpaid volunteers.



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1151 Redwood Road, Unit 102

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

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